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Beaded Circle Threaders

Beaded Circle Threaders

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Earrings are handcrafted in Emm'a home studio in the Mountain West. All beadwork is done off-loom, by hand with fine glass beads and hand-conditioned nylon thread. Light as a freaking feather.

Earring Details Threader earrings are 14K Gold Filled Circle component is 14K Gold Filled Beads are glass Earrings measure 3/4 inch wide & 1 - 4 inches long (length is adjustable with threaders) All pieces in my collections are handcrafted. Though created with utmost care and meticulous precision, pieces may have natural imperfections; this is the nature of the materials and beauty of work crafted by hands. It’s these slight differences that guarantee no two pieces are alike.

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