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Indigo Ray Botanicals

Indigo Everything Mist (1.7oz)

Indigo Everything Mist (1.7oz)

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SANTAL. CARDAMOM. AMYRIS. We call these "everything mists" for good reason, you can literally use them on everything for a little refresh! Our non-toxic formula is perfect to use as a perfume, body mist, hair refresh, room refresh and even on your linens!

Notes of Sandalwood, Balsam, Eucalyptus, Amyris Bark and Cardamom. Indigo is delicate yet bold embodying all the notes that nature offers in abundance. Full of mystery that lifts you into daydream. Getting caught in an ocean breeze to winding downward into earths deep misty layers only to land on a bed of clouds again under the warmth of the sun. Let your soul be free and enjoy the embodiment of the elements with Indigo, a delicate balance of elemental notes that come together creating our signature scent. Crafted with plant based & non-toxic isolates.

1.7oz glass bottle with a black metal fine mist sprayer.

Made in United States of America

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