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"My Fave Sweater", Eau De Toilette, WOOD CAP

"My Fave Sweater", Eau De Toilette, WOOD CAP

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"My Fave Sweater", Eau De Toilette, **WOOD OVER CAP**

A  fragrance line  that spans the breadth of general fragrance interest: Powdery/Warm - Citrus/Floral - Amber/Musk - Sweet/Spicy. Something for everyone! Quirky, personal scent names offer a breezy way to engage with customers to increase sales.

MY FAVE SWEATER offers a quintessentially warm, tea+books+fireplace in a chilly weather setting, reminiscent of cozy “drawing inward”. Top notes: Sweet cardamom, citrus and spice, drying down to vanilla, sandalwood and amber-y sweetness. I use a tincture made from the biproduct of honey bee hives know as propolis. This propolis makes “MFS” a most unbelievably delicious, intoxicating and intriguing scent - woody, sweet, honey-like, resinous and delightful. 

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